CoriumSacs BlogoSphere: An Introduction.


“How beautifully you can relate to someone simply depends on your willingness, flexibility, and joyfulness.”



What’s up y’all? How’s it going? Shall we keep it a little on the loose side? In all honesty, I’m a novice to the blogging experience, trying to create something truly worthwhile for all energies alike! My name is Shreyans Jain and I’m an explorer in this perpetually vibrating energy, we call “The Cosmos”! Riding this meat-coated skeleton since the march of ’98.

At the climax of 2019, I founded a humble, leather-goods & accessories brand, called CoriumSacs! Here, we offer an eccentric mix of design and craftsmanship with each of our products handcrafted from scratch! Every piece of our accessory, expresses fine creativity,  elegance, and a hope to bring manifold possibilities to all our audience!

To know more about CoriumSacs, you may visit our E-COMMERCE website at and browse for your vibe!


As quirky as I get with CoriumSacs, I am overwhelmingly excited by introducing an even more eccentric blog space, “The CoriumSacs BlogoSphere“!

In all honesty, I cannot even fathom the possibilities this could unfold for a diverse community, for I envision building a multi-dimensional open blog space for all. Not limited to the brand itself, but coalescing ideas and learnings from an all-dimensional perspective!

“It is the imagination that argues for the Divine Spark within human beings. It is literally a decent of the World’s Soul into all of us.”


The Cosmic Reflections

But, don’t you all worry even a tad bit! I am not trying to play a game with Google’s algorithms trying to pilot a conventional generalized blogging platform! In fact,

This is something entirely different from the likes of the behemoth veterans of this ecosystem, namely-, Tumblr, Blogger, HuffPost, or even GaryVee!

It’s compellingly scary to put out as much informative content as these giants with hundreds, if not thousands!, of employees, yet so inspiringly motivating and educational that it forms the essence of the driving force, behind this BlogoSphere!

The CoriumSacs Blogosphere shall be a one-of-its-kind, immersive experience into the new-age blogging world, bringing opportunities for all beings who’re connected through vibrations and who seek knowledge to learn and grow!

If I’m being honest, it’s a matter of just giving this a start! The ignition! And you, my esteemed readers, bring the greatest value to our platform by bringing your precious attention!

Our Love For Coffee and Blogs!


“Abundance is not something we acquire, it’s something we tune into.”


I am a philomath of a being, always the curious kid asking questions, answering some of them, learning from others, and most importantly, having loads and loads of fun, while doing so!

With several hundreds, if not thousands, of blog spaces popping up throughout the never-ending ocean of the INTERNET, I feel super excited to be living in this techno age, where access to all sorts of information is at our fingertips!

Skimming through the dimensions of the INTERNET, let me bring your focus to the BLOGGINGEcosystem within this “Coded-Cosmos“.


From modish Fashion BLOGS to healthy Food BLOGS ready to stimulate an appetite. Or consumer-centric Business BLOGS teaching skills and tricks while educating related industries or even invigorating Travel BLOGS for the clichéd lovers of the “wanderlust” feels. You name it! There’s a blog out there for everything!

With this eccentric BlogoSphere, my vision is to create an open space blogging platform for all sorts of authors and content creators, who’d like to publish their work, with complete artistic freedom! I shall be collaborating with as many authors as I can to provide the most diverse of the contents from different topics, inclusive of, but not limited to-

  • LIFE
  • PSYCHONAUTICS, ETC to name a few…



Currently, between being the one-man-army on this website, managing and running it’s online store, and creating this BlogoSphere, I’m over-running with the dozens of roles I’m handling while I’m writing this post!

An untiring Founder/Entrepreneur, a curious Explorer, an articulate Author, an eccentric Artist, and a contemporary Designer to name a few!

I hope to share knowledge from diverse perspectives, collaborate with future visionaries, and bring a cultural change by breaking the rules of the blogging ecosystem to provide information on a manifold variety of subjects/topics! while providing a fun and entertainingly enlightening experience!


Well, let me try to simplify this by explaining in brief, just exactly how this eccentric blogosphere will manifest new opportunities to learn and grow and will be unlike any other open blogging platform on the World Wide Web!

  • For starters, the BlogoSphere by CoriumSacs won’t be a uni-Author platform, instead will house a variety of Authors and content-creators, from different backgrounds and multiple genres to provide a sense of multi-perspective content! The readers will have access to a variety of blogs by different Authors on different topics and can interact with each author independently to give suggestions, ask questions, or even give feedback.
  • We have dozens of templates to choose from, and run a sophisticated modern website made on WordPress, running an eccentric and quirky, yet contemporary ThemeSet.
  • The BlogoSphere will be organised into tags and categories and will display a list of ‘currently active‘ Authors to choose from.
  • Every Author who connects with us shall be given complete Artistic Freedom to post any informative, original content they create, given they have profound knowledge of their subject/topic and can post consistently on the same with genuine passion, care and love to teach something new!
  • The blog section for the brand, CoriumSacs, itself will be focused on everything about ‘Leather Goods & Accessories‘, the brand identity, its products, its line, its vision, its story, etc to name a few! While the main Blogosphere by CoriumSacs will house a multi-genre platform with multiple Authors and loads of content!
  • Any individual who loves writing or blogging can get in touch with us directly by the means of Email or Facebook messenger. You may refer to the Contact Us page at the website,, for more information on how you can connect with us. I will personally, proactively reply to each one of you within 48-hours. You can also mail me at [email protected]
  • Complete Transparency with future monetization opportunities. Hoping the Blogosphere, by CoriumSacs, generates enough traffic to attract advertisers to the website, we shall use systematic analytics to identify individual authors responsible for respective traffic generation and will proactively make sure that the respective Authors get 100% credit, both financially and in recognition.
  • I shall personally provide training and “how-to” videos on “how to start blogging as a new author” with The BlogoSphere, by CoriumSacs, and give a step-by-step tutorial on how to go about it with absolute ease.
  • Finally, My aim is not to create a buffet of different cuisines, and placing them on a single plate and serving it to you! He*l No! In fact, as mentioned earlier, the BlogoSphere by CoriumSacs will be a separate entity in itself, a well-organized community platform with different categories and well-structured sections for our lovely audience! Keeping in mind, that the blog space for the E-com brand itself, will be brand-focused to maintain a sense of cohesive consistency with our online store and its future goals!

To a Tabula Rasa (clean slate)

Well, you are an astoundingly curious reader to have stuck around till the last! Great Job!! Just keep supporting us, Do comment, share and subscribe! Give us honest reviews on how we can improve. Help us improve! Mutual evolution is the only way for evolution!

For more information on our brand, what we do, and where we do it? You may use any of the following options to get in touch with us-

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If you want to contact us for collaborations, send us an email at [email protected], or for a more direct interaction, you may send me a direct mail at [email protected].


Until next time, next article.

Stay Safe y’all, Peace!

“Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out.”


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