The BlogoSphere: An Immersive Overview. (Part-II)


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“For a highly motivated learner, it’s not like knowledge is secret and somehow the Internet made it “not secret”. It just made knowledge easy to find. If you’re a motivated enough learner, books are pretty good.”



Hey, you. Howdy? Hope you healthy and safe! We gotta stay positive and surely, we won’t become “POSITIVE”, but we also gotta be RESPONSIBLE! We’ll make it through, proud and strong! 🙂 Before we begin with this PART-II of my previous blog, titled, “THE BLOGOSPHERE: AN ECOSYSTEM WITHIN THE CODED-COSMOS”, let me give you a quick free advice. Go read the previous one first! CONTEXT IS CRUCIAL!!

Don’t worry, the heading is not for click-bait. I will give ya’ll a quick recap.

  • The part-I of the immersive overview, helps us understand, “what exactly is a blogosphere?”, some history lessons, and some “how-tos” with some “shortcomings of GOOGLE SEO ALGORITHMS”(subjective perspective).
  • While in this part, we shall discuss in detail, “How we hope to “combat” traditional blogging norms?”, “some Realitychecks“, “some solutions” and “An Assortment of possibilities for the future“.

Let’s dive straight into it.


If you go back to the last section of my previous blog, Part-I, I discuss in detail, some shortcomings faced by the blogging ecosystem because of GOOGLE SEO algorithms.

Have a quick glance through it to have a better point of view.

  • You see, towards the end of the article, my narrative clearly says it is NOT GOOGLE which is at fault. But US. Quoting, Douglas Adams, “One of the most important things you learn from the Internet is that there is no ‘them’ out there. It’s just an awful lot of “us”.”
  • The Blogging world runs entirely on basic tips and tricks to optimize SEO so that the websites can rank higher at GOOGLE’S RANKINGS and thus incentivize the various monetization options available with GOOGLE.
  • That just translates to, “have merit to rank high at GOOGLE”. BUT, it also gives us a brief idea of how this algorithm works.

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  • With a Blogging platform covering a diverse variety of subjects/topics, with multiple-perspective narratives, it becomes severely difficult, mostly due to lack of optimized usage of cohesive “keywords”, for GOOOGLE to make sense of the website. Where to tag it? How to rank it? How to categorize it? Etc.
  • It makes the websites look like “they’re” cheating the algorithm by trying to “please” a diversely targeted audience, with no goal, just for the sake of “organic-growth” through traffic generation, for incentives with GOOGLE’s Adsense or other monetizing prospects.

Let’s try to show HOW The Blogosphere, by CoriumSacs, can be something else.

“Integrity is not about the action but its purpose. The question is, are you doing what you are doing for everyone’s wellbeing or for your personal profit?”


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  • The BlogoSphere, by CoriumSacs, will not primarily incentivize on Advertisements, rather will focus on building a self-sustaining community, with elements of Bonding, Trust, Love, and Passion for all energies alike.
  • An eagerness to learn and teach, will be the driving force of this platform.
  • Simultaneously, over time, the community shall grow and evolve together, learning from each other and teaching each other.
  • Future monetization options will be available to individual authors depending upon respective skills and demand as per the audience and their votes.
  • Each author can create an individual profile and start blogging on whatever they like, however they like, whenever they want to, with personalized interactions with their respective audience base.
  • As a community, we can host multiple training sessions, live/recorded/written, to help each other grow and make use of the resources that come with a diverse “community”.
  • The Blog space dedicated to the E-commerce brand, CoriumSacs, itself, will be focused on all things about the brand, it’s vision, future, team, story, possibilities, products, etc.

Let us go through a few reality checks and some solutions, with an assortment of possibilities with The BlogoSphere, by CoriumSacs.


“The currency of blogging is authenticity and trust.”

  • My vision with this Blogosphere, by CoriumSacs, incorporates all the ethics, values, learnings from all the dimensions of my life, both personal and professional.
  • Always carrying the hat of curiosity on my head, I’ve been the eccentric-explorer of my household, thus expanding the range of subjects I consider my strengths. ( This goes without saying that all articles at present, or in future, will not just be opinions, but well-researched perspectives on a particular narrative.)
  • With this platform, I hope to build a multiple-author, open-blogging space, with a multiple-perspective narrative.
  • Taking inspiration from communities like Wikipedia, but not exactly that, where the idea is to Explore. LEARN. Iterate in different ways. Stepping out of the box so as to have a better look at it.
  • Popping that bubble of the “culture-scape” and looking at the world for what it is. Where, the incentive becomes Passion, Knowledge, and Love for all energies alike!
  • At CoriumSacs unlike the mundane- “write for us” open blogging platforms, limited to a subjective ideology or tone of writing, or fixed designs & templates, and with strict constraints between owner & author- I will employ a multiple-genre space which can house a variety of authors of different writing styles, opposing views, similar views, etc, with complete artistic freedom.
  • At the same time, as a community, we will make sure that we employ modern “keyword” optimizations, with appropriate research to stay ahead in the eyes of the “algorithm MASTER”.
  • The BlogoSphere, by CoriumSacs, hopes of a self-sustaining atmosphere within the platform, providing a home to a plethora of editors, authors and artists, etc over the years to come.
  • Initially, I will proactively maintain the categories, the tags, the keywords, the individual user profiles, etc and maintain personalized communications with each connecting energy.


  • FUN FACT; I tried buying a new domain for this platform to separate it from my e-commerce website, only to find that the domain name’s on sale for $6000(US). (Just business things…)
    • is a nightmare to type. I get it. I have no plans on using that either.
    • We shall operate out of the same domain for the time being as our e-commerce, and will make a smooth transition to a separate entity in collaboration with the same website over time.
    • will be converted into The BlogoSphere, by CoriumSacs.
  • Future with The BlogoSphere may include, but won’t be limited to, the following topics/subjects-
    • ART
    • TRAVEL
    • TRENDS
    • LIFE
    • PSYCHONAUTICS, ETC to name a few…
  • The platform will host a multitude of perspectives with each author expressing their own subjective opinions on the topic/subject of their choosing.
  • The idea will remain constant across all profiles- An Eagerness to LEARN something New, mutually.
  • As the community grows, so will the platform. With this hope, I am super excited about how this turns out in the future.


  • You are an astoundingly curious reader and an extremely passionate explorer! Cheers to have stuck around till the last! Great Job!! Just keep supporting us, Do comment, share and subscribe! Give us honest reviews on how we can improve. Help us improve! Mutual evolution is the only way for evolution!

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Until next time, next article.

Stay Safe y’all, Peace!


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