The BlogoSphere: An Immersive Overview. (Part-I)



β€œIf you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”


WHAT IS A BLOGOSPHERE? -Simplifying the “Nomenclature”.

Hello! Readers, What’s up? Your friendly-neighborhood, eccentric-explorer, Shreyans is at your service! To know Who the he*l I am?, check out my previous blog “CoriumSacs BlogoSphere: An Introduction” where I give a brief introduction of who I am as an author and establish a detailed preface to an exciting, new multi-perspective Blogging platform, The BlogoSphere by CoriumSacs.

  • In this, two-part, sequel article, I shall explain in detail, “What exactly is a BlogoSphere?”, “How it works?”, “a teeny-weeny bit of a history“, and “some shortcomings” faced because of “Google Algorithms” -in the first-part.
  • While the second part, titled, “RIGHTING THE WRONGS WITHIN THE CODED-COSMOS”, deals with- “How we hope to make it work?”, “some Realitychecks“, “some solutions” and “An Assortment of possibilities for the future“.

So hang on to your hats! and grab a hot cup of comforting-coffee, because this can be a bit of a long(ish) read! And yes! I love my colloquialisms! πŸ˜ƒ


Well, let me give you a bit of context!

We gotta go back to the late 90s, specifically to The U.S. of A, Christmas of ’97. The term, Weblog, is coined by a 44-year-old, American online “content-creator”Jorn Barger.

Two years later, another lively American, Peter Merholz jokingly coins the oh-so, mainstream short-form- Blog“. The rest is history…

Following suit, the same year, the term “BlogoSphere” becomes widely popularised in the prevailing culture-scape, which was completely oblivious of its exciting evolutionary possibilities!

The term “Blog-o-sphere” has three parts to it. It follows a similar pattern as ‘biosphere’ or ‘atmosphere’, with “-o-“ being the linking vowel between the words, “BLOG” and “SPHERE”. The term literally represents an atmosphere of blogs! It constitutes an idea that implies a connected experience of an undivided-community, a shared-consciousness, a deep-network of all the blogs and bloggers, and their collective-knowledge, all interlinked to each other on the “Coded-Cosmos”, The Internet!

Sometimes it is also, colloquially, synonymized with The Internet itself! -and, trust me when I say this, – not at all a far-fetched idea!

Back to the present, the word takes on several subjective meanings, within a diverse span of communities of the blogging ecosystem, within this “Coded-Cosmos”.

β€œWhere the Internet is about availability of information, blogging is about making information creation available to anyone.”


PHOTO BY Andre Benz on Unsplash

“You can buy attention (advertising). You can beg for attention from the media (PR). You can bug people one at a time to get attention (sales). Or you can earn attention by creating something interesting and valuable and then publishing it online for free..”



Well, I’m NO EXPERT. In all honesty, not only am I under-researched, but also, If I was to research, you know where I’d go? GOOGLE! Just like anyone of you!

Quoting my man @GaryVee yet again, “It’s 2020. GOOGLE is YOUR MOTHER”.

Well, there’s a plethora of blogs and articles on How it all works, but it is not my intent to teach that at the moment. I am listing some of my most favorite blogs by the most inspiring authors and entrepreneurs down below, so you all may have a look at it and come back to know what my intent with this space is.

Whether or not y’all visited all the interlinked pages within those independent articles or not, my point is to show just how connected all the blogs and articles and bloggers, within the coded ecosystem are, in terms of data and information, and narratives!

But this is also a major flaw! Whether one incentivizes the monetization options available on the internet, cuz why not?, or not, someone has to look at the shortcomings of these “unpredictably smart” GOOGLE’s ALGORITHMS.

By Google’s Algorithms, I mean SEO for keywords, SEO in general, etc…

Let me list down a few more of such blogs to brief you up. Again, do not get lost out there! Skim through it, and positively return, for there’s much more!

Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge of the moguls of the blogging world, let’s see what I find, constantly bugging me!



Where do I begin? Where do I end?

-“Well, the way I look at the “Coded-Cosmos” is like a pandora’s box. Not of the literal kind, but like colloquially! With unseen possibilities and streams of data, and information, 0s and 1s, like with everything you’ll ever need to enlighten yourself on anything you choose!”


Turns out, The Internet, IS actually like the perpetually vibrating, boundless Cosmos! And I’m not even talking about these crazy dudes (linked below) researching on how The Universe, our Brain, and The Internet are all connected somehow.

Yeah, I know, LMAO. We’re only human you see? And there’s an ocean of what we DO NOT KNOW! But The Internet, apparently, has a few answers for us (No sarcasm). By the way, have you ever looked at the map of The Internet? What map do you ask?

Check this out, but don’t get lost out there, we haven’t even covered 30% of this article yet!

Cool right? Well, You are a curious explorer if you’re back more! The hours spent on conceptualisation didn’t go waste!

Like @GaryVee always says, and I quote, “Social Media isn’t fad because it’s Human“.

Honestly, I gotta come clean! This section should have an entire Blogosphere dedicated to it! And it probably does! and probably will here too! But that’s not the point of going an entire section off-course, being extremely anti-cohesive to the article! I had to give you a preface. CONTEXT alert!



  • FUN FACT #1: Since the launch of Wikipedia, by tech geniuses, Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger, in 2001, the so-called “unreliable website to do your homework” has arguably shaken this entire “Coded-Cosmos”. Let me remind you that this very unreliable website has 299 different language versions, more than 32.5 million active editors, and an average 600 new articles a day just on the English Wikipedia site. πŸ™‚
    • Oh! by the way, have you ever seen an advertisement on the wiki? Aren’t we all thankful To Jimy and Larry? I indeed am!
  • You see, if you went through any of the articles I linked for you in the previous sections, you’d know that SEO is basically GOOGLE telling me to stop generalizing these blogs and start focusing on a niche topic! Especially if I want to start blogging for my E-commerce organic growth.
  • Simply put, GOOGLE incentivizes monetization because us making money, means others making money off of us and therefore GOOGLE making money off of them. It’s simple business.
  • So why do I call it a shortcoming of its algorithms?- Well, for starters, to optimize “merit” of the tech world, GOOGLE strictly recommends that a blogger running an E-commerce must focus on niche topics/subjects, best suited to their businesses.
    • Such blogs should be SEO optimized to that niche so that it becomes easier for the targeted audience to reach and therefore rank higher than those which aren’t SEO optimized to a niche.
    • GOOGLE doesn’t care if you’re trynna build a community, whether you’re monetizing or not, but WILL, make sure to rank you lower if it can’t make sense of what category your blog belongs to.
    • Problem? Well, if I want my E-com brand, whatever it may sell, to also educate and be educated and grow communally, mutually, I’ll just have to work the old fashioned way- Advertising, Sales, PR.
  • Wrong. It depends on the community. Look at WIKIPEDIA. I bet, 90% of you reading this, still rely on the wiki for most of your knowledge. And we all know how high the website is ranked!
  • See, GOOGLE ain’t the bad guy. Allow me to change my narrative because this is what this BLOGOSPHERE is about. MULTIPLE-PERSPECTIVES! GOOGLE wants “the best of us, the best for us, and the best from us.
  • The GOOGLE SEO ALGORITHM just don’t wants to feel cheated, or being cheated upon, and it does not care if that is the intent of the website. If the algorithm is unable to classify a particular blog, based on tags/keywords etc, then it just ranks it lower. These are the websites and webpages that you never see on your search engine!
  • What this means is, that to have a multiple-author, open-blogging platform, with a multiple-perspective narrative, one must build a community like the Wikipedia, but not exactly that, where the idea is to Explore. LEARN. Iterate in different ways. Stepping out of the box so as to have a better look at it.
    • Popping that bubble of the “culture-scape” and looking at the world for what it is. Where, the incentive becomes Passion, Knowledge, and love for all energies alike!



Click here for the second part to know how we aim to combat this.

  • You are an astoundingly curious reader and an extremely passionate explorer! Cheers to have stuck around till the last! Great Job!! Just keep supporting us, Do comment, share and subscribe! Give us honest reviews on how we can improve. Help us improve! Mutual evolution is the only way for evolution!

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Stay Safe y’all, Peace!


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